"I can't thank you enough for all of your help. You sure made what I thought a difficult situation into something that worked out very smoothly. I spoke with my Mom and it seems like she likes her apartment and especially likes the way it turned out." JD, Skokie, IL

Client Stories

Move to Independent Living Community

Living together in a 3 bedroom home for many years, the Kaufman family was ready to move to an independent living community. Because the new apartment was smaller, they knew they would have to decide what furniture and items to take and what to leave behind. I worked with them to develop a floor plan that helped them determine which furniture they would keep and where it would go in their new living space. We then sorted through all the cabinets, closets and paperwork. Precious items were given to family members. A large donation pickup was also arranged. My team then packed everything they were taking with them to their new home. Once everything arrived at the new home, we unpacked and set up their new home. No detail was too small – from organizing the new kitchen and closets, to arranging the items in the curio cabinet, to hanging the pictures. With their home squared away on day one, the Kaufman family wasted no time getting to the excitement of their new community and all the programs it had to offer.

Can't Return Home

Mr. Meyer fell and broke his hip. He was told he could not return to his apartment and would have to move to assisted living. After looking at his apartment and the new assisted living apartment, I met with him at the rehab facility where he was staying. Together, Mr. Meyer and I developed a floor plan of the items he wanted to take with him. Additionally, we had phone conversations while I toured through his apartment asking him questions about the smallest details. My team then packed up and moved the items to his new home. We set up the apartment as determined on the visits and phone calls. He arrived at the assisted living apartment to find his new home ready for him - surrounded by all the items that were important to him.

Boxes and Boxes

Emily had moved into her new apartment over a year ago, and in doing so, she had taken everything from her home of 30 years. She now found herself surrounded by over 20 boxes and nowhere left to put things. Her health did not allow her to stand for long periods of time to unpack and sort through the boxes. I helped to unpack each box. We then reviewed the items and sorted them as keep, give to daughters or donate. We organized and put away the items she decided to keep. All the boxes were removed, and Emily was finally able to enjoy her apartment free of boxes.

Long Distance

Ms. Peterson had passed away, and her son was living far away in France. He was able to return to Chicago for a short period of time to deal with the estate, and so I worked with him to make arrangements prior to his visit. Once he arrived, we spent time sorting through the home. He determined what memories to keep or ship to family members, and the rest was designated for donation. When the son returned to France, my team then went to work preparing for the shipping and donation of everything in the home. We continued to communicate with the son via email and phone calls. Within a week the home was empty and ready to be sold.