"I just got off the phone with our new resident. She was so overwhelmed with the move and told me how wonderful you are, and she couldn't have done this without you! Thank you so much for helping her feel at ease. I really appreciate it." BB, Lincolnwood, IL

What our clients say about us

My elderly father had a health crisis and needed to move permanently into a senior facility. Much to our surprise, his house sold very quickly, and my brothers and I were faced with the massive task of cleaning out a house within a relatively short timeframe that had belonged to the family for over 40 years . The responsibility was even more daunting since none of us live in the Chicago area any longer. Marnie was recommended to us and she was a consummate professional throughout the process. She was honest, organized, responsive, prompt, and efficient. We were given detailed progress reports and all actions were taken in close consultation with our wishes. The house was emptied and ready for the buyer by the agreed upon date and almost all of the work had been done without our direct involvement. Plus, the cost was quite reasonable for the work involved. I recommend her without reservation.

Mark, Newton, MA

When my sister, who is a packrat, decided to move from her condo to a retirement community in Evanston, I lived 1000 miles away...too far to help her downsize. Since she was giving up about half her space, including massive storage areas, the task was overwhelming and she had a hard time coping. An internet search uncovered Marnie Dawson of Dawson Relocation Services, and our challenges were solved. Marnie helped with the downsizing on five pre-move days, brought a team to pack everything the day before the move, hired and tipped the movers (who were excellent), unpacked and put away everything at the new location, and hung her many pictures. Marnie was especially sympathetic to my sister's sense of loss of her condo...and reassured her about her new quarters. Marnie's services were professional while being warm and caring. It was fun to meet her team members. I returned home eternally grateful for a job well done!

Martha, Annapolis, MD

Dear Ms. Dawson:

Please accept my deep appreciation for the excellent service your company provides for those of us who find the process of relocating a challenging experience.

I highly recommend Dawson Relocation Services for the efficiency in planning and the personal attention given to the details of sorting, packing (including delicate art objects), as well as scheduling the actual move.

My recent move was well-planned from the beginning to the final relocation, and the assistance in setting up the items in the new residence was especially helpful.

Thank you again for the wonderful service that you and your company provide.


Virginia, Evanston, IL

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had such an extraordinary experience with Ms. Dawson. She moved my ninety-four-year old father from a two-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom apartment around the corner. There were absolutely no moments of stress or concern. The move occurred in one day, out one place and in and unpacked at the other. She had begun the process of sorting and packing in the previous few days and worked closely with my father, brother and I regarding all decisions made. My father felt things were handled in a timely fashion and never seemed concerned. The day of the move, my Father and I left to go to a matinee of a play. We returned four and a half hours later to find his things moved in and accessible. I have never known this experience previously and cannot recommend Ms. Dawson enough.


Deborah, Chicago, IL