Marnie Dawson, Move Manager


Dawson Relocation Services has been serving Chicagoland with capable care for 13 years. We bring this experience and empathetic point of view to your organization through inspiring, engaging, and thoughtful presentations and conversations.

Each talk is tailored to your specific needs. Call now to schedule an engagement for your group or organization.

Popular Presentations

Simplify the Downsize

Downsizing and moving are considered some of the most stressful life events for older people. But with a clear plan, it can be less overwhelming and more manageable. Learn how to start the process and walk away with practical ideas to help you navigate that plan.

How Could I Ever Part with This?

Explore the reasons we hold onto our “stuff” and when it is time to let go. Learn how our  emotional and material attachments to our belongings prevent us from aging well.

Consulting Services

Marnie Dawson is a consultant to other move managers.

She helps those who are new to the industry and need guidance on best practices as they set up their company and more seasoned move managers who are “stuck” and need another perspective to work through the issues they are facing.

Call to talk about your challenges and for pricing.

Let’s Get Organized!

Do you have too much stuff piled in the corners? Can you find that piece of paper you need? We will outline how to finally organize your home. Explore the steps to get started. Discuss strategies for sorting through and letting go of stuff. And review routines that can help you stay organized.

Tips on Making Your Home Safe for the Long Haul

Most people are happy where they live – their home, their neighborhood, their city. This presentation focuses on simple ways to make your home easier and safer to live in, by making adjustments and thinking about ways you currently use your spaces.

Digital Assistants and Other Helpful Technologies

“Alexa, tell Siri to call my Son!”  If you haven’t had the opportunity to use a digital assistant, now is your chance to learn a little more about it. In this presentation, we discuss technology, such as Ring doorbells, Smart Home technology, Digital Assistants and whether such devices fit your lifestyle. Bring your smartphone if you have one.